The Web Mapping platform is being updated.

Hello, This is just to let you know that the Vector online web mapping platform will be shut down at 3:30pm today (1/10/2020) for maintenance.

The purpose is to migrate the web mapping to a new version on a newer faster server. Along with the migration comes added benefits such as an increase in security of your information and data.

Each client will be assigned a new username and password that is built directly into the platform so no longer will you need to log in with VECTOR\username. Furthermore you should no longer be prompted about a certificate when loading the webmap. This was problematic when you hit OK and accidently accepted the certificate which ended up locking you out of the Web Map. It should be much more stream lined with less chances for error. There will also be a unified homepage to access your webmap that will include links to web map tutorials along with a dated changelog when things are updated.

The goal is to shut down at 3:30pm today (1-10-2020) and be back up and running (fully) by the end of next week (1/17/2020).

You will be contacted when your web map is back up and running with a user name and password.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me,

Travis Slack
Vector Geomatics Land Surveying